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The Story

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that sparked the idea for Sea Salt & Sugar. On this trip, our founder London Banks met an intriguing Aussie woman with a Bohemian yet subtly sexy style.

This woman emanated light when she walked into the room wearing her vibrant floral vintage dress. She instantly fell in love with her new friend’s style and swagger and decided to create Sea Salt & Sugar, a place where you can find blissfully Bohemian pieces that are playful and expressive.


These are cut and pasted directly from real emails/messages:

Hi London, I appreciate the personal service that you have provided. It is nice to be able to communicate an issue with a person who cares about their customer. I will certainly recommend your business to my friends.

Rebecca S.

I received my item! And it is beautiful! Thank you x

Emma D.

I got my second order the small size of Malik Pelaphant! Oh my gosh, it fits me perfectly and it looks sooo beautiful!! I am very happy with it and love it! 😍

Caijian S.

Thank you so much for your efficiency! Have a great evening and Cheers :)

Ann Marie M.

That is really sweet and I really appreciate the personal e-mail you sent to me. It is a very nice touch! The dress I ordered was actually a little too small, but it was so beautiful 🌸, that I kept it and took it to a seamstress to have her adjust it for me. If I have the same problem with these 2 dresses, (I am probably an x-large) I will just do the same thing. I love the look and these are about all I wear in South Florida.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!
Brenda N.

Thank you for your email! I'm super excited to receive my order and hope to buy more from your site in the future! I will let you know how I make out.

Nicola L.

I just purchased the red flowered dress! 🌺🌺🌺 I love it and get a lot of compliments on it.

Rai R.

Thank you so much for your rapid response! I greatly appreciate it! I'm very excited for the beautiful dress indeed!

Angela N.

I just bought the pink one!! ("Floral Sanctuary" Vintage Sundress) I love it!!

Karen M.

Definitely will order again! Just this suit was not the right style for me. Thank you for refunding my return 😊

Elyse E.

Ordered three things including the "Retro Show" bathing suit. Everything shipped quickly and it was good quality. I will order again.

Mimi E.

Thank you so much!!!

Lovely customer service. I sooo appreciate and can’t wait to get this dress annnnnd probably some other things 💛

Becca M.

I received my dress and I love it!

Thank you.

Penelope W.

Thank you for my beautiful dress it’s perfect 👌

Liz G.

Your website and products are great, my girlfriend loves your site and visits daily!

Carl C.

Hi London,

Lovely email and great customer service. If you want to make it even better come to Australia :)

Thank you!

Sonia L.

Received it and love it, and the delivery was accurate, thank you 🌸🌸

Debbie M.

Again, thanks! You guys are going to kick ass!!! Great attitude, will always be a customer because of your attitude!!! ☯️💜🌈💕🌻🏵😍

Lyn B.

Hi 👋... I received my beautiful top today in the mail ... absolutely love it 😍

Margo M.

I recieved the 3 items today 💕 The bathing suit fits perfect and the other dresses are so adorable. I'm so very happy with my purchases!

Hilda S.